EME0031 Technical Specifications

Fuel Dispenser SINGLE HOSE (Gasoline - Diesel)
Suction Pump
Self-contained suction type coupling drive pump with air separator, bypass valve and suction strainer.
Flow rate 45 L/min – 70 L/min
Available High flow rate 18-200 L/min
Suction Connection
3/4” or 1” Flexible hose
For High flow rate 1.5" Flexible hose"
Flow Meter
Positive displacement meter with sensitive adjustment
Measurement Accuracy
+/- %0.25
Computing Head Display
2-LCD screens
Total Amount: 10 Digits
Volume: 9 Digits
Unit Price: 8 Digits
2 channels, working range between 5-12 V. Intelligent meter
Electro Mechanical or Digital 7 Digits
Flow Control Valve Type
Proportional valve
Nozzle and Hose
Automatic Nozzle Automatic 3/4” or 1”
For High flow rate 1.5" nozzle
4 meter, 3/4” or 1”
For High flow rate 1.5" hose
Operating Environment
Working Temp. -30 C/+ 80 C
Relative Humidity
% 95 Energy Consumption
Motor Standard
Ex 380 VAC, 1HP – 1.5HP
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